Discover your creative voice with an interactive experience exploring musical cultures!

Journey of Discovery

Musical IQ one-time programs offer a high energy and exciting experience for students of all ages. Through an interactive experience, our facilitators guide the students through an inspiring and memorable musical journey of discovery. Providing musical instruments for every participant, these programs give students the opportunity to experience the richness of music and rhythm, to engage a diversity of musical cultures and to discover their own creative voice.

Drum Tales

Pre K - 4th Grade
An engaging, hands-on journey that emphasizes the significance of each individual’s role and contribution!
Through an engaging, hands-on, and interactive rapport, our facilitators guide your group, step-by-step through this fun and insightful journey, while emphasizing the significance of each individual’s role and contribution. Participants are given the opportunity to practice leadership, communication and active listening. Along the way, the students learn the basics of the African Djembe drum and will take away the skills to make some of their own music and rhythms.

This musical and rhythmic program allows participants to experience the power of collaboration and teamwork as we explore what we can do together to make a positive difference in our communities. Using the drums as a medium of transportation and discovery, participants are given the opportunity to access their creative voice and learn the basic building blocks of drumming!

Drum Orchestra

5th Grade - Adults
Find the value of cooperation and effective communication to awaken the creative spirit and have a whole lot of fun!
This program has a sense of humor and is fast paced, giving participants an experience and taste of the creative process. Following some fun and playful rhythmic exercises, designed to establish group coherence and to promote teamwork, the group will learn about the musical instruments and how to use them. Using guided rhythmic activities and instruction, the group will then begin to establish a simple layer of basic rhythm and continue layer by layer to build a unique and beautiful musical composition.

This program emphasizes the power of collaboration and community. It promotes cooperation, demonstrates the value of effective communication and active listening, illustrates the importance of diversity, awakens the creative spirit, and is a whole lot of fun!

Workshop Offerings

Drum Tales: Journey to Africa

Pre K - 4th Grade
Using imaginative storytelling and interactive drumming, participants are guided on a fun, hands-on, and insightful Journey to Africa! Come along to explore on our journey to the vast majestic plains of Africa, using a drum as your medium of transportation! Using musical and rhythmic innovations, the story comes to life, allowing the children to experience the characters and ideas of the narrative first-hand, including the mighty roarrrr… of the lion himself.

Drum Tales: Under the Sea Adventure

Pre K - 4th Grade
Join us on this epic musical adventure as we traverse deep seas, vast oceans, and magnificent coral reefs in pursuit of the Great Treasure. The journey will be brought to life in a facilitator-led rhythmic experience which will explore the extraordinary beauty and wonders of the ocean and the amazing diversity of marine life. Through this program, we come to learn that the most precious treasure of all is the treasure of life and our own precious Earth. Nearly half of all ocean pollution comes from activities that take place on land. Our choices and actions impact far and wide, and have even been found in the deep ocean trenches. Through this musical and rhythmic program, that we bring to your site, participants will experience the power of collaboration and teamwork as we find out what we can do to make a positive difference for our oceans, and for the world.

Drum Tales: Rhythms of the Rainforest

Pre K - 4th Grade
COMING SOON! An imaginitve storytelling adventure that brings the rainforest to life through music, laughter, and hands-on drumming!

Drum Orchestra

5th Grade - Adults
This program is all about the power of community and working together as a team. Using highly engaging rhythmic activities, this program culminates with the group creating their own piece of music together on the drums - becoming their own orchestra! This program promotes cooperation, demonstrates the value of effective communication and active listening, illustrates the importance of diversity, awakens the creative spirit, and is a whole lot of fun!

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! The students and staff really enjoyed the Musical IQ workshop! Everyone had fabulous things to say! It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to working with you next school year!"

Danielle Termini | PS 186

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day! The staff and students were in awe of the music being created by the children. It was priceless!!!"

Principal Kim Nohavicka | PS119x

"I am very impressed and gratified that we were able to partner!  Your program is astounding!"

Karl Jackson | Child Center @ PS15Q