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Musical IQ Weekly Residency Travel Guide

Travel the world - no passport required! Dive in and explore the exciting destinations we visit during our In-house Weekly Drumming Residency! From Africa to New Orleans, learn about the geography, culture, and history of countries that influence the music we know today!

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Musical IQ Weekly Drumming Residency

Our most popular program! The Musical IQ Residency Program is a rich and innovative course that takes students on an interactive musical adventure around the world, with every participant on a drum. Through music and guided storytelling, students will explore exciting destinations including Africa, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Brazil, New Orleans & more!

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Musical IQ Drum Orchestra

For ages 5th Grade-Adults, Musical IQ’s Drum Orchestra is a hands-on program that promotes community, team building, and is a whole lot of fun! Work together to build your own piece of music and discover your creative spirit!

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Musical IQ & Cosmic IQ On-Site Experiences

Engage in a world of music and discovery with our Musical IQ & Cosmic IQ On-Site Experiences. Dive deep into the universe of sound and science as we bring our unique blend of educational and interactive experiences directly to you. Explore the mysteries of the cosmos through our immersive STEM activities and get hands-on with our dynamic musical sessions. Perfect for schools, community centers, and special events, our on-site experiences are designed to inspire curiosity and a love for learning in participants of all ages.

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Musical IQ & Cosmic IQ In-House Field Trips

Join us for an unforgettable in-house field trip with Musical IQ & Cosmic IQ. Our program offers a diverse array of one-time sessions featuring Interactive Drumming and Engaging STEM workshops. Each session is crafted to provide an educational and entertaining experience, fostering a creative environment where learning and fun go hand in hand. Perfect for schools and educational centers looking to offer their students a unique field trip experience without leaving the premises.

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Musical IQ Interactive Drumming Programs

Discover the rhythm within you with Musical IQ's Interactive Drumming Programs, suitable for all ages from 3k to adults. Our programs are designed to introduce participants to music theory, various cultures, and essential life skills through the engaging activity of drumming. Using African djembe drums, our sessions are not just about learning music; they're about exploring the world through rhythm and sound. Whether it's a one-time event or a weekly residency program, we cater to all learners and skill levels, ensuring an enriching musical journey.

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Musical IQ Drum Tales: Journey to Africa

Embark on a rhythmic adventure with Drum Tales: Journey to Africa, tailored for young explorers from 3k to 4th grade. This imaginative storytelling experience combines interactive drumming with the magic of narrative to take participants on a musical safari across Africa. Children will not only learn about rhythm and music but also about African culture and wildlife. Prepare to be amazed and engaged as we roar through the exciting adventures that await!

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Musical IQ Drum Tales: Under the Sea

For ages 3k-4th grade, Drum Tales: Under the Sea is an imaginative storytelling experience that uses interactive drumming to transport participants beneath the waves to explore the wonders of marine life and discover the positive impact we can have on the world around us!

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