Our residency program is a rich, innovative course, which takes students on a journey of musical discovery to visit a variety of destinations around the world.

Join Our Musical Journey

Visiting Africa, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Brazil, New Orleans & more! Through interactive drumming and guided storytelling, the students get to experience the geography and history of the exciting places we adventure to!

Great for all ages!

The Musical IQ weekly residency offers hands-on and interactive music instruction for all grade levels, Pre-k to 12, through in-class instruction, after school programs, and community events. Our teaching artists work with each class once a week, for an average of 8-12 weeks.

Shorter courses are available for summer programs

Valuable education.

Using our CRC – Culturally Responsive Curriculum with an emphasis on SEL - Social-emotional Learning, our teaching artists focus on leadership skills, active listening, teamwork and collaboration, while giving students an opportunity to access their own innate creative expression.

"I am not sure we have partnered with a better company than Musical IQ. They are outstanding to work with, extremely organized and go above and beyond to meet our needs. We currently offer their programs to all 12 of our sites. I highly recommend hiring this company as a vendor."

Mandy Crest | New York, District 12, Principal

"The facilitator was great! Every student was engaged and banging away! What a delight to see them so engaged and excited! Even the teachers were enjoying it. I loved it...couldn't stop moving to the beat."

Pam Salteean | PS163x

"Musical IQ will ignite your inner possibilities, and bring out the musician in everyone’s hearts! The event was invigorating. Both parents and children loved the atmosphere the instructor provided. They were engaged and intrigued, taking home knowledge that they can share or revisit with love ones. I myself, felt like a big kid! The Bronx YMCA, thanks Musical IQ for such an awesome experience."

Bronx YMCA