Reimagining the process of
musical education.

Our unique approach effortlessly blends elements of discovery, culture, music theory into an engaging experience for people of all ages.

Who we are

Founded in 2006, Musical IQ is an experiential education company that runs interactive music & drumming programs for schools, afterschool programs, summer camps, community and private events.

We are a proud vendor of the DOE, DYCD and YMCA of Greater NY. Musical IQ has partnered with hundreds of NYC public schools and regional institutions, delivering high-quality arts education to over 100,000 participants per year. Our  programs cater to all ages and are interactive & hands-on, with every participant on an African hand drum. Programming is also available for special needs groups, District 75, and English Language Learners.

The Musical IQ team brings the heart and soul of music to your classroom!

What we do

Musical IQ programs incorporate NYC’s Blueprints for teaching and learning in music, helping schools enrich the quality of their music & arts education.

Our aim is to give participants a palpable taste of the creative process, helping students find their own creative voice, while cultivating self-confidence, leadership & collaboration, and other valuable life skills. We endeavor to inspire a lifelong appreciation for music, to bridge cultural gaps, and to foster positive community building.

Why we do it

The Musical IQ team is made up of talented and passionate teaching artists from many different parts of the world, reflecting our commitment to celebrating diversity and bridging communities.

Musical IQ strives to engage and inspire students to bring their best work to the world. We provide opportunities for them to explore and discover their own unique creativity, while learning to make space for others to do the same in the process of community building.

Our intensive training prepares our teaching artists to deliver a well managed, engaging, and positive learning experience, and to recognize the uniqueness of each class.

Our focus on positive classroom management and recognizing the uniqueness of each class aims to give students an enjoyable and memorable learning experience, while having a whole lot of fun.

Where we go

We have a strong presence in the NYC DOE where we serve many schools in Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island!

While we spend much of our time spread across the city, our reach extends much further than that! You will find us programming with countless DYCD organizations, YMCA locations, and private schools across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

"We have been using Musical IQ for years. The programs they offer are entertaining, interactive, and educational. Our program participants love them. I am almost more impressed with the customer service we receive. Working in public school buildings can present logistical and scheduling challenges. The staff at Musical IQ come up with creative solutions that take much of that burden away from us. They consistently respond to emails and phone calls in a timely, friendly and professional manner. I cannot say enough good things about them!"

Bill Donovan | Maspeth Town Hall, Inc

"The program was amazing! What blew us away was the fact that the scholars played African drums while the program was being ran in Spanish.We made this apart of our Hispanic Heritage celebrations. They learned so much as we traveled Africa. The scholars were so engaged!  We loved it!  Thank you! "

Carla Poe | PS 40 - Samuel Huntington School

“The facilitator was great! Every student was engaged and banging away! What a delight to see them so engaged and excited! Even the teachers were enjoying it. I loved it...couldn't stop moving to the beat.”

Pam Saletan | PS 163x